What is a Vittl?

A Vittl is an offer from a restaurant or bar that wants to buy you food or a drink.

Why the name “Vittl”?

Vittl is derived from the word “vittle”, which is an alternative to the word “victual”, which in turn is defined as “food prepared to be eaten”. Although we consider Vittl to be a lot more that just food…

How does Vittl work?

Browse available Vittls on the app and plan for your day. Once you’re at a location that serves your desired Vittl, you can start the redeem process which lasts 15 minutes. Just show your waiter or barista the Vittl screen and they will validate the Vittl and serve you, on the house!

How many Vittls can I redeem?

You can redeem only one (1) Vittl per business day (10:00am – 02:00am).

I just missed the 15 minute redemption countdown!

We consider 15 minutes to be more than enough time to show the screen to your waiter or barista. Due to restrictions in the way the app works, we cannot undo any redeems that have been validated.

When can I redeem a Vittl?

You can redeem any Vittl, as many times as you like, as long as these requirements are met

  • You can only redeem one (1) Vittl per business day (10:00am-02:00am)
  • The Vittl is available for redeem

When a Vittl is not available

There are a few circumstances where a vittl cannot be redeemed, at a given moment. This is because…

A Vittl has been already redeemed

You can only redeem a Vittl once per day, so when a Vittl has been redeemed, it will show up as “Redeemed”. A day is considered to be the time from which a business opens (10:00am) until it closes (02:00am).

Flash Vittl

A flash Vittl is available only within a given time frame, set by the business. You still can see them in your list of Vittls, but they are marked with a blue tag, which contains the time at which they are available (eg. 6 to 9pm).

Ended Vittl

Similar to the above, when a flash Vittl has ended, you will see it labeled as “Ended”.

Is a Vittl really on the house?

Yes! All Vittls are on the house! You will never have to pay for a Vittl. Ever.

Is a purchase required?

Most Vittls do not require a purchase, but in the case where a purchase is required, you will see a “with any purchase” on the Vittl page.

Is there such a verb as Vittl?

“Let me Vittl this drink”, “I was out Vittling with a friend”, “It’s Vittl night!”. Well, I guess there is one now.