Photography Styleguide

Food & drink photography are essential to Vittl. A good photograph can attract more people, where a more amateur picture can deter them. It’s no science that good photography leads to better user engagement.

In Vittl we have three main areas where we display the product photo:

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The good thing is that creating good photography is not as hard as it may seem. That said, taking a good photograph does require a simple set of rules in order to shine. Here are a few tips which apply for imagery intended for Vittl.

Note: This guide and the tips included are intended for use within the Vittl Mobile Application, by Vittl agents or business owners. In no way do we attempt to educate people on taking photographs.

#1 Abundant Light

Photographs are essentially a collection of light. So the better the light source, the better the photograph. Ideally we would have a staged light source in a controlled environment, but that’s rarely the case. When taking a photograph always make sure that:

  • The product is in a well lit area, preferably natural light. The sun is the best source, but…
  • Avoid direct light/sunlight which creates harsh shadows.
Good lightBad light

#2 Thoughtful Composition

All photographs can be photoshopped and edited to work for our intended use. But only well compositioned photographs will work to our benefit.

  • Retain enough space around the product so it can be cropped and adjusted to our needs.
  • Try and keep the photograph horizontally level. We can of course rotate the image to restore the level horizon, but we may end up using some valuable space.

Nice composition

Not so nice composition

#3 Orientation

Although this could be part of #2 – Thoughtful Composition – I think it’s important enough to add some weight on it’s own. Always shoot in landscape. Never take photos in Portrait orientation.

Landscape GoodPortrait Bad

Examples of good food photography

In conclusion, we’d like to provide a few good examples of food photographs to inspire you. No amount of tips or guides can make you an expert, only experience can. With that in mind, take a look and get inspired by the following photographs – take note of the light, composition and point of view.